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Mixed Beads (55g) Anion Mineral Beads Refill

Mixed Beads (55g) Anion Mineral Beads Refill

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The Four Types of Anion Beads

🔘 Natural Zeolite (Big Gray Beads)

Effectively reduce fluorine, heavy metal elements, and ammonia nitrogen in water, ensuring a cleaner and purer shower experience.

🔘 Tourmaline (Small Gray Beads)

Increase oxygen content in water and provide antibacterial sterilization.

🔘 Maifan Stones (Red Beads)

Precipitate active minerals, mineralize water, and absorb impurities.

🔘 Calcium Sulfite (White Beads)

Reduce residual chlorine, kill pathogens, and absorb harmful metal ions.



Comprehensive Benefits of Anion Beads in Your Shower

Enhanced Water Quality:

  • Combining tourmaline balls, maifan stones, calcium sulfite, and natural zeolite beads, our filter system removes impurities and harmful substances for cleaner, softer water that is gentle on the skin and hair.

Healthier Skin and Hair:

  • Tourmaline increases oxygen content and sterilizes water, maifan stones add beneficial minerals, and calcium sulfite reduces chlorine, all contributing to nourished, healthier skin and hair.

Environmental Impact:

  • Our eco-friendly beads help reduce the overall environmental impact of your daily shower by purifying water and cutting down on waste, supporting a healthier planet.


  • Upgrade your shower with our four-bead anion filter for superior water quality, revitalized skin and hair, and environmental sustainability. Elevate your daily routine and feel the difference!



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